The company specializes in Kosher certification services

Kosher Vietnam (KV) are the only Kosher Certification Agency in Vietnam, with a Rabbi on site, living here in Vietnam. This makes us available immediately all year round. We have a group of staff that speaks both Vietnamese and English, who are ready to assist you receiving Kosher Certificate.

Rabbi Menachem M. Hartman and another Rabbies has been in the Kosher certification industry since 2006. He has a lot of experience dealing with many factories in Vietnam and Cambodia, Rabbi Hartman are the representative of some global Kosher agencies. So he can help you understand which Kosher Certificate are the best fits your factory needs, while keeping our high standards with the low fee.


- Bringing Vietnam and Cambodia factories to the front of the Kosher market.
- Provide information, advice, support for factories, businesses to know more about Kosher certification.


- KV's Kosher certification towards the highest and most stringent standards of Jewish dietary laws.
- With Kosher certified products will help bring a healthy food source for people.

Our Target

- Kosher certification makes it easy for consumers to identify food sources clearly.
- Our Kosher certification will help Vietnamese businesses find potential customers and reach out to the international market.


The word “kosher” means “suitable” or “allowed to eat”, also understood in the English language as “appropriate” or “acceptable”. Kosher not only has a greater meaning. both
responsible for preparing a meal. Kosher is also known as part of a complex Bible law that stipulates what foods the Jews should eat and how to prepare it.

This Bible lists and categorizes non-Kosher foods. The non-kosher group includes certain animals, certain birds and fish (such as pork, rabbits, eagles, owls, catfish and sturgeon), all types of shellfish and insects. and reptiles. Moreover, Kosher food must be properly made, meat and dairy products are not allowed to be co-produced or used at the same time.

As a result, all ingredients and food production processes must be tested to suit the Jewish diet for your facility to be certified Kosher.