Why Kosher


The kosher market is the fastest growing segment of the food industry. Placed side-by-side on the shelf, kosher products sell 20% better than competing non-kosher brands.

  • Shoppers buy kosher for higher quality and increased food safety. Having your products certified indicates that they have undergone rigorous inspections and have been produced at the peak of kosher values.

  • The laws of kosher satisfy the religious dietary rules of one-fifth of the world’s population. Indeed, religious Jews, Muslims and many other faithful worldwide buy kosher to fulfill their religious obligations.

  • People with health restrictions, such as food allergies, buy kosher because the certification process ensures that nothing that’s not supposed to be in a product has gotten in.

  • Factories, with a kosher certification, buying ingredients from other factories will require all ingredients to be certified. Having a certificate on your ingredients will allow you to target more factories.

Having a kosher symbol immediately and universally enhances your product, raising the perception of its quality, and increasing its marketability.