The Process


1)  Customer fills out the application form and sends it back to Kosher Vietnam Services.
2)  After reviewing applications, Kosher Vietnam Services will issue invoice for inspection fee.
3)  Customer pays inspection fee (No inspection fee for renewal certificate).  
4) We will schedule the inspection for the factory in advance.
5)  One of our Rabbis will go to inspect the factory.
Please prepare a car to pick up or drop off our inspector to his next destination according to the Rabbi’s schedule on that day (The Rabbi might be inspecting other factories in the same area as yours on that day).
Please provide us with the name and mobile phone number of the driver.
7)  If you pass the inspection, we will issue an invoice for the kosher certification fee and send it to you by email first.
6) Kosher Vietnam will send you via email the draft Certificate (It takes 14 days from the Rabbi’s inspection).
Please check the draft, the company name, and production detail, and confirm.
8) Customer pays Kosher Certification fee.
9) We will send you the original Kosher Certificate, invoice and Tax Invoice.


1. Please provide a staff member who speaks good English to avoid miscommunications and misunderstanding.
2. Rabbi will thoroughly inspect the factory and examine all of the factory’s machines as well as the factory’s area.
3. Moreover, the Rabbi will need to know where you get your ingredients in order to know if it’s kosher or non-kosher.